Taking Back the Internet!

Many of you probably aren’t aware, but I’ve been vlogging my life for almost a year now on YouTube. If you are interested in watching, catching up with what we do on a daily-basis (family or not), or you just like YouTube in general, you should go subscribe & follow us 😉 I try to make light of life in a quirky, redheaded, Jesus-lovin’ way – so go and see if it’d be something you’d like!
I’m constantly amazed everyday that I have such a loyal group of subscribers & friends that follow my life everyday! ..and some days I am super shocked with that as well LOL! But I am seriously honored. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
In almost a year I have made it to 165 subscribers – and I am so grateful for that! While that’s an AWESOME step forward, I am still wanting to grow my channel tremendously; and make it a part-time/full-time gig! It’s been challenging.
Since March of 2016, I have worked countless hours (too many to count) editing videos, filming daily & interacting/networking with other YouTubers/influencers on the socials/interwebs. Like, a lot. It’s exhausting. I’m up wicked late. I fall asleep editing. Still haven’t made any money. But I keep on pushing on!
There have been MANY days when I honestly felt like quitting or basically, “what’s the point?” And even though I have a goal to make this channel into something that could potentially bring my family income, I sometimes wonder if it ever will. Honestly.
But I’m glad that I’m doing it for the memories – because those are pretty priceless.
Also, I’ve been a victim of comparison too many times to count. I feel like that’s honestly the hardest part about this YouTube game. Legit hardest part. Like on the verge of tears hardest part (I know, lame), BUT I keep doing what I’m doing; putting my faith in the one person who I believe is THE most important person out there – Jesus Christ.
I have NO DOUBT that many of you find it weird that I’ve chosen to do this. Even if you don’t mention it to me personally, I can tell. I mean, it’s obvious. But honestly, what else would I do – or can I do? Before I started this channel I was just your average SAHM. I love being a mom – seriously. It’s amazing. It’s life-changing. It’s challenging ..(boy, is it challenging!?). But was I going to win souls by being stuck at home changing diapers all day? Nope.
On the contrary, I am a very expressive, loud & obnoxious person (that LOVES JESUS) – so why would I want to sit at a front desk job all day answering phones? Sorry, just not me (but I’ve done it).
I feel like I’ve honestly found where I need to be. I’ve found a place where I can share the love of Jesus with others; and that place is on YouTube.
The internet is full of crazy these days. You know it is. However, my goal is to take it ALL back! We can sit around and preach all day about how social media is HORRIBLE or BAD or RUINING our society and/or the church – but what is THAT doing? Absolutely nothing! Yeah, I said it.
So instead of sitting around and letting social media RUIN everything, I’ve chosen to do something about it. That’s right.
I know I may sacrifice growth (or recognition) in my work, but that’s okay. It’ll be hard, but I’m not giving up. Not yet. I know that people may not like me, or what I stand for (or what I’m doing) but I won’t back down. Why, you ask? Because of Him.
Nobody’s going to Heaven with a “YouTube Play Button” or “Shorty Award”. Heaven’s for soul-winners. And I wanna be one! I wanna win souls, and not awards ..but if I win awards WHILE winning souls, that’s cool too 👍
I’m taking the internet BACK for Jesus ya’ll!
You with? 😉