Wow. Two?!

So the last time we talked (or actually, I wrote) was the birth story of my beautiful daughter Ellia Gianna ❤ Let’s just say a lot has happened since that early-December day; a lot of AMAZING things 🙂

For starters, things are starting to calm down a bit on the home-front! Ellia has been adjusting well to life outside of the womb, and Jonah is adjusting to life with Ellia. Brian and I, while sometimes wanting to rip our hair out, have been doing amazingly-well these past two months in raising our TWO (!!) little ones. Now, I’m not going to lie’s been rough some nights, and honestly why does a baby cry so much …for no reason? Anyone?! But all-in-all we have been Blessed and we are so thankful to God for giving us the opportunity to raise such beautiful children!


Ellia just LOVES him!

In early December Brian started a new job (at Emeals – and it’s been going quite well! He’s (thankfully) 2 miles down the road from the house, so he is avoiding all of that dreaded Atlanta traffic!! WOO HOO!! I’ve been surviving off of lots of coffee lately, and breastfeeding (and pumping) like CRAZY!!  Taking care of 2 under the age of 3 is quite the challenge somedays, and sometimes I ask myself why I did this ..but alas 😉 No, really I’m very Blessed and fortunate to be able to stay at home and watch these kiddos! It will be nice though once I can actually venture out of the house (on my own) and do something for me 🙂 A pedicure has been sounding really good lately ..we’ll see!


He’s a handful, but he’s so SWEET ❤

Jonah is something else. He absolutely LOVES his baby sister! He can’t get enough of her ..unless she’s crying and he so boldly responds with a “don’t cry” “too loud” or if it’s interfering with his show a “I can’t watch my show” comes out of his mouth! Oh, the things Jonah says! He cracks me up! Just this morning (after making him some scrambled eggs) he proceeded with a “wait a minute – I need ketchup” before he took a bite of his eggs 🙂 I just love my little man!

Ellia is getting chunkier (and cuter) by the minute! She’s a fan of mommy’s milk, long naps, short naps, lots of sleep, no sleep & her brother! She’s quite a mommy’s girl – so much so that I really can’t be anywhere without her crying (more like freaking out) in order to be with me. Only me. I have to say – it’s a little overwhelming because Jonah wasn’t really like that ..I guess it’s a girl thing. Who knows.


Ellia with Martha (Mills) – the midwife that delivered her – at my 6/7 week postpartum visit!

The cats? Well, let’s just say they are getting to be annoying. I never thought I’d say that I don’t like my cats. I’m a cat person – always have been ..and probably always will be. But mine? They are super annoying. Between rubbing, butting their heads on us to get our attention, puking right after a meal (or running while puking) & leaving a mess with their STANKING cat litter (with the occasional cat-spats in-between) I’m really about to call it quits with them. I remember always being the person (it’s lame I know) that was like “oh Brian, I hope they’ll be okay when we’re away for a couple of days” ..or “do you think they’ll be okay” ..and now it’s like “uh whatever” “oh did they eat today? Who knows”. I mean seriously, if you want to have my attention and get me to like you ..quit being annoying. Period. Anyone want a cat?!

So basically that’s mostly what’s been going on here lately! This weekend marks Ellia being 2-months old! She is already a 12-lb baby (Brian weighed her), but it doesn’t surprise me! She’s also being dedicated to the Lord this weekend – so I am super excited for that! Also, Allyssa will be a married woman soon!! Gah! So between taking care of the kids, helping Allyssa plan a wedding & being a wife ..I’ve been busy! Whew!


What I’m giving McKenna!

Oh – I have also gained my status as a “cow” again (milk-wise), and will be sharing some milky-goodness to my friend Summer’s newborn baby girl (adopted daughter) McKenna! I cannot wait to Bless this little baby!! Boy – I do make a lot of milk though! Whew!

Although there have been some amazing times these past few months, the first of the year started out not-so-amazing. I recently I lost my grandfather, Norman Lafortune (after losing my grandmother in April of 2015). Even though it sucks losing a loved one, looking back I am so thankful to have been able to share most of my life with him. I remember our “potato chip picnics” on Darcie Drive, going over his house in Foxwood and watching “Flipper” on TV after school, and how he always mixed his cereals together;


Papa & Grandma with a little Jonah!

especially if he had a little left of each. He always told me how proud he was of me, and that’s definitely stuck with me. Also, he definitely wasn’t afraid to speak up on any subject (I think I get that from him), and I think that’s what I’m going to miss the most! I just loved how blunt he was ..although at times it was probably not so good 🙂 I just hope that his children (including my mother) find comfort in Christ during this time. That’s the time when we need Him the most it seems the not-so-good times 😦 I know I do!

To end the blog all I have to say is that we are SUPER Blessed and grateful for EVERYTHING that we have – and we thank God for that! Even though I complained (earlier ..and technically I’m supposed to be on a no-complaining fast) I am very grateful for all of my Blessings; including the cats. I am so grateful that I live in a free country, and that I am able to Worship the one-true King – Christ Jesus. I am thankful that I gave my life to Him and for His purpose and I am so thankful that He’s entrusted these two beautiful children to my care ..and I’m thankful to Him for my wonderful husband and (sometimes crazy) family – this is what He’s given me, and I grateful for it all 😉




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