The leaves are changing ..and so much more!

Me, Allyssa & Melanie at Wormsloe State Historic Site in Savannah, GA.

Me, Allyssa & Melanie at Wormsloe State Historic Site in Savannah, GA.

Now that things have sort of “settled down” (per say) from the summer, we have already started kicking back into gear for the new season – not only with our personal lives (and the changes to come), but with our photography business! I finished up editing a wedding we did on September 12th & we have another this coming weekend (October 3rd), so my plan is to knock all of these out before baby comes! It’s a little more challenging doing a wedding (all-day) while “30-something-weeks” pregnant, but it’s not too bad! Between these weddings I got to enjoy a nice Hibachi dinner & homemade (Brian-made) cheesecake for my birthday!

Jonah having fun at his Elmo-themed 2nd birthday party!

Jonah having fun at his Elmo-themed 2nd birthday party!

Speaking of baby ..we did choose a name: Ellia Gianna. Ellia means “Jehovah is God” and Gianna means “God is gracious”. It took us quite a while to decide on her name – even more time than it took us to pick Jonah’s! I didn’t think choosing a girl name would be so difficult! We wanted something with meaning, but was unique (but not weird). I think we nailed it on the head with that name ..and it’s pretty Italian; which I’m sure will make my dad happy 🙂 Being 1/4 Italian, I have to represent somehow, right?!

With Ellia coming, things have been (surprisingly) not too stressful. We’ve put the crib up in Jonah’s room, painted letters for the wall, and I have received so many generous donations of clothing/baby items that I cannot even count! I just have to say, we have the most AMAZING church family/friends in the world! We are so Blessed! Around my birthday Allyssa & Melanie actually threw me a baby “sprinkle” (which is basically a smaller version of a shower), so I was able to get a few things at that shower that have Blessed us as well! I think besides finishing touches in the nursery, organizing and cleaning baby clothes (boy, do I love Oxyclean!!), and packing a suitcase I think we’re pretty much ready to take on this next journey!

Mmmm. Brian-made cheesecake is the best!

Mmmm. Brian-made cheesecake is the best!

On another note, a couple months back, I was actually diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes 😦 While it sort of ..well, it does pretty much SUCK ..I am still grateful that it is not pre-eclampsia or anything else more serious! And I’m very empathetic towards those that have to deal with having diabetes on a daily basis – it’s hard! I now have to eat every 2-3 hours, take my blood sugar 2-hours after every main meal, and just basically revamp the way I eat. Even though it’s a pain, and it does suck at times (because I love me some sweets), I think it’s been better for me and for Ellia in the long-run. Remember that cheesecake I just told you about? Well, Brian made it with honey, and I was still able to splurge ..and surprisingly my levels didn’t go as high! I am so thankful that I see a provider (See Baby/Dr. Bootstaylor) that really make things a lot easier than I think any other doctor would! They monitor me, but they don’t freak out. They have to make sure I know that having GD there are risks, but when I asked about the rates of cesareans in the practice with women that have it, I was told that pretty much none of them have had one ..besides some lady that wanted one 😛

Pictures from my 30-week U/S with Ellia. She's was already 4 lbs (measuring 37 weeks!! Gahh) LOL!

Pictures from my 30-week U/S with Ellia. She’s was already 4 lbs (measuring 37 weeks!! Gahh) LOL!

Having an evidence-based provider is such a Blessing – and it just makes me excited for the labor/delivery! I know that nothing will be done (intervention-wise) unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary – and that is such a relief! I trust Dr. Bootstaylor and his midwives with my life I had a semi-scary labor with Jonah (with having pre-e); however, even with that birth I felt at peace. I know God is working wonders in that practice, and I am so grateful that I chose to follow Dr. B there! Right now I am 33 weeks and about 5 days, and I get another ultrasound/appt next week! Although I was a little overwhelmed (and disappointed) when I found out my diagnosis, I am actually very thankful in a sense because we get to see her more often 😉 The last U/S we had at 30 weeks we were able to see her practicing breathing; which they often look for at around 32 weeks. It seems like this girl already knows what she’s doing! And we are so Blessed! The only other things I have noticed with this pregnancy versus Jonah’s is that I didn’t have too much swelling at first, but now I’m starting to get more on one side (my right side) than the other ..and my leg goes numb! These babies are so crazy, but I am so thankful and Blessed to be able to carry them; and I ultimately thank God for that opportunity!

My awesome fairy-tale-themed Baby Sprinkle!

My awesome fairy-tale-themed Baby Sprinkle!

Now I am ready to take on this next season ..but I’m also ready to delve into some “pumpkin-spiced something” & watch the leaves change and the temperature drop too! This is my favorite time of the year, and I am so glad that I get to share it with the people I love so much ..and experience Ellia’s first! I do mention to Brian that I am glad she will come before the holidays ..especially having this condition. It just makes me look forward to the day that she is here ..but because she’s here and not because of that pumpkin pie 😉


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