…and baby makes 4!

Here she is!

Here she is! Baby #2 – Due 11/14/15

So, I’m pretty sure most of you know that we are expecting our second babe this November ..but just in case you didn’t know, now you know! On Tuesday (6/30/15) we found out that we are in-fact be expecting a BABY GIRL this fall 🙂 We cannot begin to describe how stoked we are to become parents to a little girl! We are super excited!! Things with this pregnancy have been pretty good. Although I did start off with a lot of sickness (which most people suggested that it was because I was having a girl), after about 12/13 weeks (and into the 2nd trimester) it began to wear off ..and I was able to get off of the Zofran i was on! I definitely didn’t like being on something like that, but I after weighing the pros/cons and also checking with my OB, I felt a little better about taking it. So now that the morning sickness (all day sickness really) is over, I have been mostly dealing with random cravings (pizza, sauerkraut, pickles, grinders, etc.) and just the usually tiredness & round ligament pain. Going to the chiro definitely helps, and if you have insurance or can afford it (and you are pregnant), I would definitely like to express ..or basically tell you ..that you should go! Not only does it help with the pain (I experienced low back pain with both babies so far), but it’s also so good for the baby in making sure they stay in an optimal position for birth. Since baby girl is moving around and being cray cray most of the time, she’s knocking me out of alignment ..so it’s been awesome being able to get adjusted and keep her from ending up in a totally awkward position once birth time comes!

Jonah announcing the gender!

Other than the basic pains and struggles of a pregnant lady, I’ve been so Blessed – I mean, I’m Blessed anyways but you know what I’m saying (if you’ve been pregnant/had kids). Jonah’s been doing pretty good, but has definitely started to show signs of his impending 2-year old birthday ..lol but honestly, he’s a very good baby! He’s so cute, and was actually telling us we were having a girl from the beginning; although sometimes he would say “boy” or “boyerrl” (boy/girl mixed) or just baby, but it is so cute seeing him say baby and kiss my belly 🙂 I’m not quite sure he really understands, but I’m certain that he will be such a great big brother once she makes her arrival!

Brian’s been doing well at his job – but has been having a lot of health issues these past couple of years. What started off as gastritis, has turned into other abdominal issues ..so we are trying to figure out if maybe his hernia surgery (and mesh placement) is making these issues. I know with God guiding us, we will know ..but we’ve done so many tests to try and figure it out, so at times it becomes rather frustrating trying to understand what is going on. It’s more frustrating to me (well, I’m sure it’s VERY frustrating to him too) because I feel like I can’t do anything to help him! He’s super discouraged, and we are hoping to get some answers soon (after a second opinion), so if you can think of it – pray for us ..well, more specifically him 🙂 It would mean to the world to us ..and to him! It’s hard seeing my husband in pain everyday (although it’s not excruciating) ..it still sucks (for him) because he can’t get a break. Furthermore, he doesn’t want to have to deal with this stuff once November rolls around! I know God has his hand on him, it’s just hard.

I know in all of this, He’s got a plan. I’m not sure what it is, and it’s hard waiting around for it ..but I know it’s there! We just have to remember to focus on Him and I’m sure things will work themselves out! God’s got our backs!


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