My Little Dove

Jonah at Grandma & Grandpa Leighty’s House (Easter 2014).

I cannot believe that in a couple of months, Jonah will be turning ONE!! I knew that the 9-months of pregnancy flew by, but having a baby that’s almost 12 months? Seriously?! I cannot believe how fast it’s gone! I have learned so much – and I have seen my son grow so fast! He laughs, crawls, gets into things, cruises all around, says “yum, yum, yum” & of course MAMA! This baby has been such a Blessing – and I am so lucky and Blessed to be his mama. With my first (official) Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I just reflect on how being a mother has changed my life. Of course I still have been struggling mentally (postpartum OCD), but there are so many good things that have come out of being a mother that it just wipes out all the negative! I definitely feel like a super mom. I thank the Lord Jesus for helping me get through the tougher days of my pregnancy (towards the end) – and Blessing me so much by giving me the natural childbirth that I so desired. It might’ve been an alternate version of what I envisioned, but hey – birth is rather unpredictable 🙂 I thank God for allowing me to screw up. Sure, there have already been some low times of being a Mom of a 9-month old – but hey, we all make mistakes. I thank God for allowing me to make these mistakes and to grow and learn from them! I thank God for the amount of LOVE that He has given me for Jonah. I cannot tell you how many times I turn to Brian and just say “I love this baby”. And it is not even close to how I feel about him. Now I know how God feels about all of us – and His son. With that much love PLUS even more on top of it! Sometimes I just can’t handle it! It’s too much!! I just love on Jonah Poo and kiss him over and over! It’s incredible how God created that bond between a mother and her child. It’s amazing. I also thank God for the growth (and love) He has given me for my husband. Of course I’ve loved my husband since before we were even dating (yes, I’m weird), but marriage changes so much when you bring a little one into the world. Yes, it was challenging, and yes – we’ve had to make some hard decisions; however, when you have someone that supports you in every way possible, that you can communicate honestly with, one that loves and cares for your children and works hard to take care of your everyday needs’s mind-boggling! I love Brian. He has Blessed me in so many ways, and I feel like we’ve grown so much in our marriage within the past 9-months 🙂 It’s been awesome, and I am so looking forward to growing old with my baby daddy!

Jonah has taught us a lot this past year, and we are so grateful and thankful to be his parents. We cannot wait until God Blesses us with another little one (or several) down the road, but we want to make sure to take this time to cherish and love on Jonah as much as we can. We want to show him who God is through us – and continue to have God work through him and shine His light all around. He’s been a Blessing to many people so far – and I’m hoping that continues 🙂


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