About twice a year our church – Liberty Church in Marietta ( does corporate fasting. The fasting can be from anything – certain foods, sweets, media, etc. Every year I pretty much do the same fast: Facebook.

It’s not that I don’t like Facebook and I have a total addiction to it. I just feel like social media (in general) can be rather addicting, and while you have good intentions, your focus can become shifted. In my case – it shifts away from the thing that should be the center of my life each and every day that I wake up –  God. I really did great last year! I made it a point to read a chapter of the New Testament each day BEFORE I went on FB. That was great! In doing so, I was able to put an encouraging word up on the social media website ..and that was awesome! But like always, once I was done with the One Year Challenge, I sort of fell off the band wagon of making God my priority. Right now I am on a 21-day fast. There have really only been a couple of times when I wanted to “go online” (aka FB) ..and I recognize now that it was because I was bored. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love keeping up with friends and family members and posting cute photos of my Jonah Poo Poo on FB and Instagram, but I really don’t want to make it an idol. FB is FB. Instagram is Instagram. Media is Media. I know that I don’t worship media, but I don’t want my focus shifted on the things of the world. I want to be different. I want to be weird.

And so that is why every year (twice a year) I choose to fast from FB. It’s something (like all media) that can totally suck you in ..and hold you hostage. But honestly, I do fine without it. I did fine without for 21 years. It’s almost like I went back in time. I almost feel like I need to get a Zach Morris cell phone. Well, maybe not that far 😉

The other day I also did something amazing on this fast that I would LOVE to continue. Worship. Since Jonah takes a morning nap anywhere between 10-12pm every day, I made it a point to shut the door to the office/guest room/train room, turn on some Hillsong United and just WORSHIP God! It was amazing. I honestly felt like I purged all of the nasties of the world out of me. It was fabulous. Like seriously, I balled like a baby. And I intend to do it again. But honestly, I want to make it a daily thing. Not just a “fast” thing. And I think I just might!

So wherever your walk is with God, I pray that you be encouraged to go a little deeper! When you’re feeling a little worn out or drained from living in this broken world – try something new! Maybe you’re like my husband, who fasts from playing games on his phone (particular the Plants Vs Zombies game) and sweets. I suck at the sweets. I always give in. This time I said I was doing it, but turns out I wasn’t. First day I ate a chocolate candy (and realized it hours later), and I had some cherry pie and ice cream later on in the day. Hey – it was in the fridge and it was going to go bad since Brian wasn’t going to eat it, right? 😉 Today I had an eclair my sister Angelina left in the fridge from when she was visiting last week. Actually I split it with Allyssa.

I guess I’ll stick to FB.


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