Wow. This is Different. I Like It.

Crucifix inside Church of St. Pierre

Crucifix inside Church of St. Pierre – Chartres, France (November 2012)

So this is my first blog. Well actually – I started one the other day (on private), but I erased what I wrote. It was lame. So I am wicked excited to start a-bloggin’ here on thedailyleighty. I hope all of you peeps on the internets will be interested in reading what I have to say. I’m a very random person – but fun as well. I guess I will start by saying how much I love God. He has been absolutely AMAZING to me and my little family. There is NOTHING that I’d rather want than Him. It was officially 6 years ago (give or take) that I gave my life to the Lord. I grew up going to church, and my mother and father took us all to church – especially on the holidays. But I also feel like as an adult you should make an informed decision yourself (faith-wise) on giving your life to Jesus; if that’s who you believe in. In my case, I did. It wasn’t like I didn’t know who God was. I was familiar with Jesus, God, The Lord’s Prayer, etc. but I never had a RELATIONSHIP with Him. I honestly had NO idea who He was until I met my husband and we started dating. Actually, it probably was before that; when a friend got me listening to the Christian radio station and I started attending a college/career group at Florida Southern. I was so confused. I’m not going to lie – I really was. I had NO idea what “being saved” or “being a Christian” meant. I thought the people that raised their hands were those “weird” people. Welp – now I am one of those weird people. And I LOVE IT!

I remember going to church with Brian for the first time – when I used to visit him up here in Atlanta – and seeing people raise their hands and fall over. I was terrified. I didn’t get it. I think that’s where the problem was. I was so comfortable doing what I had been doing for years – with no actual spiritual growth – that I just was terrified. I was scared. That was my first hurdle. I had to overcome this fear – and embrace God and my Christian faith the way it was supposed to be. Yes, I still make mistakes. But when I think back in my life and how I didn’t have Him there – I think that terrifies me more. I would rather be who I am now and lose friends or family members to what I believe in, than have everything in this world – including having people like me.

Let’s face it – I’m a people-pleaser. I want everyone to like me. I do. And not everyone is going to like me. They just won’t. And that is something that I am still struggling with to this day. If I want to live a life worthy of Jesus, I have to be Jesus ..and Jesus WASN’T a people-pleaser. He was the complete opposite. He wasn’t mean, He was just. He wasn’t rude, He was honest. I want to be like that. It may take a while ..and it already is. But that’s who I want to be like. And that’s who I want my son to look up to – not me. Sure, God has put Brian and I on this earth as parents to raise up our children ..but we are only here to watch His kids. Take care of His children.

I leave you with a quote from a Christian author named Gary Thomas from his series entitled Sacred Parenting:

“Some children follow eagerly. Others will overwhelm us with their resistance. But our ultimate aim, our end goal, is listening to Jesus say, ‘Bring the boy to me’. We can’t make them follow Christ, but we can certainly tell them the truth about Christ and model a life of faith that will serve as an invitation to embrace Christ.” – Gary Thomas

PS: The crucifix with Jesus (above) is one I saw when Brian and I travelled to Paris, France last November (2012). It’s incredible how much you can feel the Holy Spirit in those cathedrals. This one was in Chartres, France. I don’t understand how people don’t believe in God. I just can’t fathom it. I guess all I can do is pray for those who may not know Him or understand who He is I once did. 


2 thoughts on “Wow. This is Different. I Like It.

  1. Welcome to the blog sphere my friend. 😀

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